What Plant Based Means To Me

There are so many labels flying around these days and it’s definitely a little tricky to keep up. So here’s what plant-based means to me. Eating a plant-based diet to me basically means that the base of my diet generally comes from plants. Which means that my diet consist of mostly vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, nuts, seeds and some oils. I truly do love this way of eating and that is why it comes so effortlessly to me.
To see what my diets looks like on a daily basis, head on over to my youtube channel as I have tons of “What I Eat in a Day” videos posted over there. Or you can head over to my Instagram page to see daily updates on my favorite meals and products!

So do I eat any animal products?

While I am home in Jakarta I rarely eat any animal products. And when I say rarely I mean I almost never do. Simply because I do not wish to and I truly just enjoy eating a plant-based diet. But when I’m traveling, I do enjoy some seafood from time to time. I love seafood and that’s what I usually go for when traveling!