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Hi! I’m Gillian Koh

I’m here to share with you my plant-based tips and recipes for a healthier you!

Healthier Living

Living a healthier lifestyle can sometime be confusing, I’m here to help you navigate

Plant-Based Tips

I love researching the newest plant-based lifestyle tips and share them with you weekly

My Favorite Recipes

Sometimes it’s hard to be healthy in the kitchen but with my easy recipes healthy can be a breeze

Being Healthy Shouldn’t be a Hard, Make a Change Starting Today.

Hi, my name is Gillian Koh and I share healthy tips, plant-based recipes, and my favorite products on my YouTube Channel (Gillian Koh) and my Instagram @MissCleanEats. If you would like to see daily inspirations and free tips and recipe videos go ahead and subscribe and follow.

Having Trouble Finding a Nutritious Balance?

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

Taking the 1st step to making a change can be confusing and many people who want to make a change simply decide not to because they don’t know where to start. I believe that we live in a world of information overload and starting is often the most confusing step. I hope that by experimenting with the latest trends, products, and recipes for you and sharing my experiences you can make a better choices.

About Gillian

Health Enthusiast & Entrepreneur

Whether I am researching the newest trends in the health community or making my favorite recipes, I always aim to share what I learn with you. I am always expanding my knowledge and tackling new projects in the health and wellness space from products to restaurants. My dream is to share and help everyone who needs a hand and at the same time learn from others. If you are a brand or product and would like to collaborate with me please send me an email to see how we can work together!

I’m Currently Working on a Book for My Readers

I am trying to make a guide for all of you to help with balancing your nutrition so your life is easier. How do I cram all this information efficiently into one book, I am not sure but I am trying my best. If you would like to get notified about the launch and receive a special discount sign up to my mailing list. I promise I will only send you the important stuff.

My Food Blog

I Hope You Enjoy

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